Spalding Business Improvement District (BID) set to launch after incredibly close vote

Spalding businesses have voted by a very narrow margin to launch a Business Improvement District (BID).

The results of the recent vote were announced tonight, (Monday July 1) with 58 of 115 votes (50.4 per cent) in favour of setting up the new measure which will see town centre firms pay in to a pot to go towards attracting people to the town centre.

There was also one voided paper, returning officer Christine Marshall told a meeting of the Spalding Business Board tonight, meaning 56 businesses voted against.

The vote was also conducted in terms of the average rateable value of each voting business. Those that voted in favour accounted for £1,078,300 of the £1,681,250 total value of all businesses that voted, or 64 per cent.

Craig Delaney, the chair of the Spalding Business Board, described it as ‘Wonderful.

“On behalf of all of us, that’s a very positive results.

“It’s extremely good news for the town centre and those we are in collaboration with.”

Vice chair Catherine Duce told the meeting that the board would have to show those that voted against the measures that it was worth the money they would have to pay.

For more see this week’s Spalding Voice.

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