Sir John Hayes elected MP for South Holland and the Deepings for eighth time

Sir John Hayes has won the South Holland and the Deepings seat for an eighth time.

On what looks set to be a difficult night for the Conservatives with Labour set to take power, he had his majority reduced to 6,856 down from 30,838. His 17,467 votes was down from 37,338 in 2019.

Reform’s Matt Swainson took second with 10,606 ahead of Labour’s Paul Hilliar who gained 9,086, a 3,500 increase on 2018.

Independent Mark Le Sage was fourth with 5,031, Liberal Democrat Jack Braginton fifth with 1,945 and Rhys Baker sixth for the Greens with 1,800.

The live broadcast of the result is on our Facebook page here.

Our live blog from the count is here.

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