Aim to improve bus station despite large cost to put crossing in

Those looking to improve Spalding Bus Station have been told a new crossing could cost ‘between £150,000 and £200,000.

Resident David Jones has led the calls to make it more welcoming and he told a meeting of Spalding Town Forum last week that he was pleased a number of improvements have been made.
But a request to put a crossing in between the bus station and the public toilets would have a hefty bill.
Coun Rob Gibson read out that he’d been told by Lincolnshire County Council the cost of a signalised or zebra crossing would be between £150,000 and £200,000.
Mr Jones met with Coun Gary Taylor in December to discuss a plan of action which included the removal of graffiti and the putting up of more information boards.
“I gather a finger post has been secured to help people arriving in Spalding as it’s a fairly unwelcoming as it is at the moment.
“It can only get better.
“We still need a notice saying where you catch your buses to as well as the crossing.
“They have been good at putting time table up and I’m very pleased the district council has been working with the county council on this.
“Beforehand, the bus station was the only place in Spalding where no time tables were displayed which seems ridiculous.
“I think things are moving in the right direction.
“There’s a lot of good will to improve the area.”
Meanwhile Christine Lawton attending the meeting in her role as a member of the Friends of Johnson Hospital criticised the lack of buses to Peterborough available.
“It’s welcome that time tables will be displayed but a two hourly service to Peterborough is absolutely shocking,” she said. “It’s dreadful that the premier service to our nearest city is a two hourly service by Stagecoach and they should be ashamed of themselves.”
Mr Jones though added: “On the plus side you can now get the Peterborough bus from Springfields, West Elloe Avenue and from the Johnson Hospital. That’s a remarkable improvement from having to buy one ticket to the bus station and then another towards Peterborough.
“Though I do agree, it should be more frequent.”

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